After a fall from a horse
Leanne Waters - Camolin, Co. Wexford.

In 2020 I suffered a fall from a horse and consequential nerve damage, as well as torn ligaments in my back. After a detailed chat about what I was feeling, Jennifer designed a pain balm for me, which was organic and bespoke to my particular pain. As well as easing muscle movement and reducing a burning sensation I’d been experiencing since the fall, the balm was made from 100%natural ingredients, which means it smelled beautiful (a lovely change from the chemical-smelling balms you usually get over the counter!). I was back in the saddle in no time, and I’m so grateful to have had access to a treatment that was both effective and holistic. Thank you!

I use a combination (of products) to help aid sleep

I have used Jen’s products many times and have always found them to be excellent. I use a combination to help aid sleep and find they are very effective. I love the texture of the cream and find the subtle fragrances perfect for me. They are my go-to when sleep evades me.

Attractive and very high quality
T.G. Gorey

I would like to say that have I received Jennifer’s products and they are both attractive and very high quality, and I will continue to use her products ongoing.

For comfort and to ease anxiety
S.B. Dublin

When I was going through a very difficult period, Jen’s products and advice were a great support. The palliative-care products and emotional-support pack were small pleasures in the day. I still used the emotional-support inhaler and perfume roller- ball for comfort and to ease anxiety.

I found the smell really comforting during labour
Danu, Wexford

I was so lucky to have a tailer made labour balm made by Jennifer , I really wanted to have my daughter on her due date so I started using the labour balm on my bump the night before I was due and visualising things starting and sure enough they did and by the morning things had progressed enough to head to hospital ,I found the smell really comforting during labour while using it on my back and bump the whole way through and was very glad to have it , would thoroughly reccomend her products.

The balm helped me a lot with my chronic back pain
Donal, Shillelagh

Jenny’s pain balm helped me a lot with my chronic back pain. The whole process of massaging it onto my back to the texture, warmth and beautiful scent relieved both the pain and tension and aided the relaxation I needed for my recovery.